Jacob Jones-Martinez

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Jacob is a long-time activist and organizer dedicated to empowering people and communities to create structural and societal change. As a child, his mother’s union went on strike and Jacob saw first-hand how a community could support each other while also working to improve wages, hours, and working conditions. In college, Jacob became involved in electoral politics, volunteering first for a Senate campaign and later working on a Presidential campaign in Iowa. He has worked as a union organizer with Nurses United/AFT Healthcare and SEIU, Local 1, before attending law school at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. There Jacob did advocacy work with the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, assisting in litigation against the City of Portland on behalf of First Amendment activists and people experiencing homelessness. Jacob also organized and trained legal observers and jail support for protests, demonstrations, and civil disobedience actions. He is a former Vice President for the National Lawyers’ Guild.

After law school Jacob worked as a public defender, a teacher in a maximum security juvenile facility, and a teacher’s assistant with middle school students with physical and learning disabilities. He currently works as a Program Coordinator for Cochise County Health & Social Services helping rural communities address their health needs and is an adjunct trainer with Wellstone Action, training a new generation of candidates, campaign managers and campaign staff. 

When not attending meetings, Jacob can be found riding his bike or hiking the miles and miles of trails in Cochise County, Arizona with his wife and two daughters. Follow him on twitter @JakeM.